Payment Gateway Solution
Deploy Skypaygate ultimate payment software solutions to start your PSP business
Smart routing
Multi-currency environment
Flexible API
Ultimate management system
Feature list supported by the payment gateway platform
Flexible fee engine based on transaction payment method, amount, currency etc
Bookkeeping synchronisation capabilities inside of the backoffice
Friendly merchant back office
AML screening processes sanction lists
1-phase and 2-phase card transaction processing
Callback notifications triggered by different events in transaction lifecycle
Merchant APIs for transaction processing and reporting
Automated scheduled report matching process with all the providers
Multiple acquiring
Anti fraud tools
Automated cascading
Flexible routing
Merchant Management
The platform offers very flexible merchant configuration profiles including support for multiple payment methods per merchant, multiple currencies for transaction initiation, provider settlement and merchant settlement, flexible fee structure dependent on provider transaction.
Every merchant account maintains multiple companie's registration that reflects the corporate structure
Every merchant account allows adding multiple projects - merchants websites urls
User Management
Platform implements complex policy management for accessing merchant transaction data and account configuration parameters.

Users are divided into groups (admins, merchants) and each user may have access to multiple merchant accounts.

Access segregation ensures that users can only view and change data that is relevant for the responsibilities within the merchant organization.

Similar functionality is used for managing internal access rules for gateway administrators.
Supported providers (integrations)
Type of merchant’s
(acquiring provider is obliged to provide PCI DSS Certificate)
Specific features
Ability to display transactions in the time zone in which the acquiring bank is located or defined by admin
Ability to make payouts according to the uploaded list from the merchant
Option to form a request in the merchant account to transfer funds to the payout balance (payouts)
Implementation of payment by subscription (recurring)
Specific features
Ability to set up your own markup when the merchant issues an invoice for payment to the user in a currency other than the acquirer's currency. Moreover, this markup is added and debited to the end user. Then it is displayed in the system reports as profit
Ability to display the balance of the merchant in his personal account, in the currency of our choice, at the established rate
Option to have several payout providers in one payout account balance
A partner may access the admin panel, with the designation of access rights for viewing transactions for specifically selected merchants and their methods and payments
Partner account
A super cost-effective solution
A cryptocurrency exchange turnkey solution is a super cost-effective and time-saving solution as it is a based on a White Label of SkyGate. You can save more than $400,000 on setup costs and around $40,000 on ongoing monthly costs for development, extra office space and a technical support team. As well as huge cost-savings, you can launch more than one year faster which is crucial in today's fast changing environment.
14 days
Setup of our platform
1.5 years
Development of a new platform
Time to launch
More efficient
Support monthly fee
>$40 000
Burn rate of team of developers
Monthly payments
SkyGate white label
>$400 000
Cost of development of own platform
Initial investments
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