SkyPayGate has started its history as a software development house that has been focused on different CRM and platform development.

Since the early 2010s the company has been running several large Fintech projects that have created a huge drift to a successful flexible customizable payment gateway and ewallet software vendor for international banks and other financial institutions.
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Our team is spread through numerous locations that allow us to get in touch with you at any time zone you are in. We are deeply aware of the benefits of customisation and integrations in a reasonable and timely manner are the key success factors for your and thus for our business prosperity.
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SkyPayGate has become a multi-platform development vendor and adds to its line of products an intuitive wallet solution with a one-click exchange function to any currency. Driven by the global trend of growth of blockchain solutions, the company has developed a multicurrency wallet supported and integrated with the biggest liquidity providers, SkyPayGate is gradually accumulating management features and simplified user experience along with new services.
We have upgraded our own platform, to provide a full range of services in one pack where corporate clients will receive a powerful tool, not only to accept payments from individuals in a secure and simple manner but to keep them a retaining
More than dozen financial institutions have been attracted to our white label solutions that have helped us to expand our functionality and service lines.
The mobile application has been developed to make user experience and control over the cross-sales service and data.
First FinTech Project has been launched successfully.
Operational multi-acquiring gateway has been set for cross-border acceptance.
We are a dedicated team with 10+ experience of payment platform development, that has been building better solutions by getting outcomes from our own projects.
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