How to maintain your brand identity with a white label solution
The use of white label solutions has a number of advantages: ease and speed of implementation, accessibility, reduced time to market. But customers sometimes have a number of concerns, one of which is the following: "Won't our business lose its identity when using software designed to solve white labels? Surely such software looks the same to all your customers." The short answer is no. With the right approach, you won't lose your business authenticity or brand identity. This publication details several aspects that will help improve your competitiveness when using an off-the-shelf product launch solution.

Find the right partner
Your technology partner must have not just development experience, but development experience in the area where you plan to apply the software. A technology vendor with subject matter expertise should know how to tailor the solution to the tasks at hand and the corporate identity of the particular customer.
The more similar solutions the developer has implemented, the better his team understands how to customize the software for each individual brand.

Share your ideas
A business software solution from an experienced and reliable vendor can be a game changer.
Moreover, a white label solution must evolve with the market to meet the needs of potential customers and end users.
A quality software package already includes some customization parameters that can be expanded upon the client's request.

Take into account the positioning of your brand in the market
You should understand that it is not the job of the white label solution provider to conduct market research for you, determine your target audience, position your brand, etc. Of course, you can ask your consultant about the experiences of previous customers, and this information will be provided to you, as long as it is not subject to non-disclosure (NDA).
But initially, the answer to the question of how you should be different from your competitors lies in your goals and corporate philosophy.

Put yourself in the user's shoes
Sometimes looking at your business through the eyes of the end user can bring you new insights and understanding on how to position your brand in the marketplace. Ultimately, your bottom line depends on your customers and their comfort, so it's important to regularly examine users' experiences with your brand. You may want to complement your white label product solutions and thereby set your services apart from the competition.

Make sure that the capabilities of the solution match your objectives
You and the software developers must take several important steps to ensure that the white label solution meets your objectives:

  • Analyze the solution and its relevance to your current goals and the need for possible enhancements to your platform.
  • Determine the user path (CJM) and all the components needed to improve it.
  • Decide whether the solution under consideration is right for you and communicate your preferences to the vendor.

Remember that fruitful collaboration is based on the interaction of two parties and translates into overall success. Understanding your business goals and thoughtful discussions will help you get a unique solution that will make your business stand out from the competition just as much as a self-developed software solution.