How to develop a platform for cryptocurrency exchange
The cryptocurrency market is growing very steadily year by year. The global transaction volume should exceed $15.8 billion by the beginning of 2024, which is $5 billion more than this year.
The process of owning and using cryptocurrencies is fairly typical: acquire - store - exchange. All holders are concerned about the security of their funds. Exchanges provide a convenient service for acquiring, storing and exchanging.

What is a Crypto Exchange

A Crypto Exchange is a platform where real-time exchange transactions are made between different cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

How to create a crypto exchange

We highlight 2 options for creating a virtual exchange platform:
  1. Collaboration with White Label.
  2. Creating from scratch.

If with the first everything is clear, with the second option, you should pay attention to the following points:
The legal framework
Thoroughly study the legal framework and all the pitfalls. AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC controls are mandatory.
Protection and security
Cryptocurrency exchange security must be constantly updated.

What is a white label

White label crypto exchange is a ready-made software to launch your own platform quickly. WL are of great interest and demand among businessmen who start new projects, but WL allows you to customize a ready-made solution and adapt it completely to any ideas.

What are the advantages of the white label?

1.Quick startup
Every day increase of crypto-sphere participants provokes rapid growth of the market. WL is a fully functional business-architecture, ready for customization and quick start-up.

2.High level of securitization
One of the fundamental factors when choosing an exchange is the level of securitization. Any quality WL has its own security team, which ensures the stability of the system and prevents all kinds of leaks and attacks.

3.Scaling up the business
In the current realities and speed of life, any business strives to grow at lightning speed. Any delay leads to competitors multiplying like mushrooms after a summer rain. The alliance of your business and WL allows you to capture far more CA than a mono-start.

4.Solution Catalog and Optimization
Testing and implementing new ideas and products through WL implementations will optimize development team costs and save time to test any hypothesis.

5.Ongoing support team.
WL often builds a support team that answers all user questions 24/7.

6.PR through White Label.
WL allows you to customize your platform to your corporate identity. While surfing the WL page, the user will inevitably pay attention to the design and styling of the page that identifies them with your company.