5 tips on how to choose a white label that will help your business get better

White Label is a collaborative model in which one company produces a product and the other sells it under its own brand.
1. The theme of the site directly or indirectly correlates with that of the White Label partner. Answer the question: what useful things can you offer your target audience?
If the site is dedicated to automobiles, post anything related to the interests and problems of motorists. If you're monetizing a travel blog - add an option to buy airline tickets, find a fellow traveler, or book a hotel. But the function of signing up for a beauty salon on the portal of a financial institution will look strange and discourage potential customers.
An exception to the rule - information sites with different segments of the target audience (media or multiprofile forums). In this case, you can place coupons, promo codes, cashback, focusing on the multiple interests of users.
2. The subject meets the needs and capabilities of potential customers. Partner with brands with a similar target audience. Targeting teens and students? It will be appropriate to place WL of budget brands with a youth character. Selling luxury goods? Team up with companies that offer related products. The more accurately you hit the needs of your target audience, the more likely customers will want to come back and buy again.
Once you've chosen a partner, make sure you're using your White Label effectively:
1. Prepare the resource. What's the point of a great offer if no one will see it? To avoid this, increase the audience in advance, fill pages with content, do SEO. The more readers on the portal and the higher it is in the search results, the faster WL will start to bring income.
2. Plan the promotion. Think about where to put the showcase: allocate space on the thematic pages of the site or create a special section. Unobtrusively tell your users about the new solution: place hyperlinks on the home page (in the header, menu or texts), write blog articles that lead to the storefront, tell about the new feature in social networks, etc.

Consider a few tips to improve your business:
1. Perform due diligence when contacting your software vendor.
2. be sure that your vision for the project aligns with the vendor's vision.
3. Concluding a cooperative agreement is just the beginning. Take an active role in the solution implementation process.
4 Use the various directions in the development of the white label software.
5. Keep the bottom line in mind. Proper service and a personalized approach allow you to maintain an excellent reputation.

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